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OPYC’s Enterprise committee is forging ahead on its 2nd annual “Summer Jobs for Teens” initiative. OPYC is reaching out to businesses to identify opportunities where teens can gain work experience.

Olmos Park is flanked by a variety of businesses focused on art collecting, beauty (cosmetics and hair), dentistry, fashion, finance, hardware, home decor and interior design, coffee houses and restaurants, pet care and rescue as well as musical hobbies, and health and fitness, – there are many options that may provide a work experience for an interested Olmos Park teen.

If your business is looking for help with a project, completing administrative tasks like database or social media updates, making follow-up calls, organizing supplies, filing, doing annual inventory or other projects, Olmos Park Youth Commission teens are eager to help and gain work experience as an intern or part-time worker for you!  

Let us know the details! Time frame, type of tasks, skills needed, etc. and how teens can best reach out to you.   OPYC/s Enterprise mission is to help teen members gain experience and skills while supporting local businesses. If you are an OPYC member and eager to help with this initiative, let us know! 210-602-2573 or OlmosParkYC@gmail.com

Olmos Park, Texas