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Olmos Park Youth Citizenship!

Earn an hour of service every time you attend either an Olmos Park City Council meeting (3rd Wednesday of each month @ 6pm), or Olmos Park Economic Development Corporation Foundation meeting (2nd Tuesday of each month @ 6pm). Earn an EXTRA HOUR for every adult, sibling or friend that attend with you. (You cannot count those already attending the meeting).

Meetings usually last less than an hour. You may leave at 7pm or when the meeting is adjourned prior to that time.

CLICK HERE to connect with Olmos Park City Hall

CLICK HERE to learn about Olmos Park City Council: Elected members, duties, role of mayor, how citizens may be heard if they have issues to share, get meeting agenda, or minutes (what was discussed/decided) from the last meetings, etc.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Olmos Park Economic Development Corporation Foundation: Listing of board members, the foundation’s mission. CLICK HERE to get meeting agenda or minutes (what was discussed/decided) from the last meetings, etc.


Familiarize yourself with how your elected city leaders maintain our community, deal with challenges and consider or implement improvementsHear about current issues/events affecting Olmos ParkHear questions or considerations elected members are reviewing and discussing; how they interact with presenters/speakers, city manager and city secretary.Watch how a meeting is run, how voting is conducted, how decisions are made, etc.Earn a service hour or more!


OPYC members ages 14 and older may attend without a parent.Earn an extra hour for every adult, sibling or friend you bring with you. (NOTE: Attending

Olmos Park, Texas