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Interested in building your leadership skills? Apply to OPYC’s YOUTH BOARD TODAY!

Deadline for applications is Aug. 29

We are seeking new members for Olmos Park Youth Commission’s youth board (ages 15-19).

OPYC youth board is a wonderful way for teens to do the following:  
*Gain real leadership skills
*Hear about and discuss OPYC opportunities
*Help direct programming decisions
*Collaborate with OPYC’s 501c3 philanthropy board; and,
*Help OPYC fulfill its mission to mobilize youth as engaged citizens in the community through fun activities involving leadership, service, community building and enterprise.  

There are 7 areas with two spots for each = 14 spots. NOTE: A few spots are already filled with last year’s members returning this year.)  
1. Leadership
2. Community Building
3. Service
4. Enterprise
5. Communications
6. Membership
7. Social Media  

Youth board meets about 4 to 5 times a year. You will earn service hours for each meeting you participate and earn 5 service hours for serving in the leadership role.  

*Must have been an OPYC member for one year
*Must be age 15 or older by Sept. 30, 2021
*Must send an email to OlmosParkYC@gmail.com by DEADLINE August 29 describing your interest, past OPYC experiences or with another leadership/service organization. Email should include a ranking of your choice of areas (listed above) to serve.

Questions? 210-602-2573

Olmos Park, Texas