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EARN SERVICE HOURS by removing the colorful Fiesta Ribbons that hang from lightpoles throughout our neighborhood now through April 16-17 and returning them so we may store them for use next year.

SIGN UP TO REMOVE FIESTA RIBBONS: Please sign up for a street. Ribbons may be dropped off on the porch of the Robelo home 201 Luther Drive. QUESTIONS? 210-602-2573 or 210-744-3784.  NOTE – Sign up includes specific information of location of lamps! Please only do those assigned. Helpful hint:  Bring a friend or parent and definitely bring a sturdy step stool to reach some of the lamp posts. EARN COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS! You can earn one community service hour per street! For the following streets, you can earn two community service hours: Contour, Hermosa, Luther, Mandalay, Olmos Drive, Paseo Encinal.

WHEN TO START & COMPELTE REMOVAL: Today thru April 16-17.

DELIVER RIBBONS to 201 Luther Drive

Thank you for volunteering!

Olmos Park, Texas